Washington Student Achievement Council

Do you want more money and more options?  Get more education beyond high school

If you want to secure a better future, further education and training beyond high school can lead to a good job, higher wages, and more. Financial aid like the Washington College Grant helps make college, trade school, or technical school affordable.

Why apply for college or training? Adults with a college degree or certificate:

  • Are more likely to enjoy their work.
  • Can change careers more easily.
  • Are less likely to be unemployed.
  • Live longer, healthier lives.
  • Earn around $1 million more over their career than high school graduates.

Need to start working sooner than later? Move beyond minimum wage with an apprenticeship or other job training. Even a one-year program at a community college or technical college can increase your future earnings. In an apprenticeship, you earn while you learn. In many cases, apprentices can get paid to work and use financial aid to cover out-of-pocket costs like tuition, fees, and materials.

Put your passion to work. More education means more job stability and higher earnings—for life.

Learn more and plan your future on the Washington Student Achievement Council website.

12th Year Campaign boosts college and financial aid application rates in Washington by helping those working with high school seniors and their families complete applications for college admissions and financial aid.