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For the first time in the school’s history, two students were selected to serve on the school board.

WHITE SALMON VALLEY, WASHINGTON, November 23, 2021 - Two 17-year-old students will serve as the first-ever student representatives on the White Salmon Valley School Board. The two students, Oscar Robles and Leonardo "Leo” Wilson, both seniors at Columbia High School, were selected to serve a one- year term on the board, with the goal of incorporating student perspectives into district decision making.

“The White Salmon School Board recognizes the importance of student voice,” said School Board Vice Chair, Alan Reitz. “We’ve got two young men who are excited and involved. The role of these students is to provide a bridge between the student body and the board on important decisions. They will help the board to understand what students see as strengths and weaknesses in the school experience and use that information to inform decisions,” Reitz commented.

The two students attended their first board meeting on November 18, where they were welcomed by veteran board members and school administrators. “This decision reflects the board’s strong commitment to keeping students at the heart of their work,” said White Salmon Valley School District Superintendent, Sean McGeeney. “The students selected are trailblazers and outstanding K-12 representatives,” McGeeney said.

Last spring, the board adopted a policy to seat two student representatives on the board. After some recruiting and extensive interviews, Wilson and Robles, were selected to serve on the board. They will attend board meetings and bring forward student voice from K-12 in a variety of ways, such as interviews, listening sessions and surveys.

About White Salmon Valley School District

The White Salmon Valley School District is a small, consolidated district of approximately 1,250 students in Southwest Washington State, serving the cities of White Salmon and Bingen, and the outlying areas of Husum, Underwood and Snowden.
Our schools include:
Whitson Elementary School, serving students in grades K-3,
Wallace & Priscilla Stevenson Intermediate School, with students in grades 4-6,
Henkle Middle School, with students in grades 7-8,
Columbia High School, grades 9 through 12.
• We also operate The White Salmon Academy, an alternative school for students throughout the area.

Contact: Dr. Sean D. McGeeney, Superintendent, White Salmon Valley School District
(509) 493-1500