Applying for Scholarships

Applying for Scholarships 
Information for Students & Families

Search and Apply for Scholarships at

Private scholarships are one tool to help make college or training after high school more affordable. Businesses, organizations, and colleges award scholarships to students for community service, good grades, athletic ability, or a variety of other qualities or activities.  

Students in Washington can create a profile on to be matched with potential scholarship opportunities. The site is spam-free and will never sell your information.  

Follow these tips when searching and applying for scholarships: 
  • DO apply for local scholarships at your high school, in your community, and at the college you plan to attend. 
  • DO mind the details. Scholarship requirements and deadlines vary, so follow instructions and submit your paperwork on time. 
  • DO continue to apply for scholarships while you are in college. 
  • DON’T pay money for information or assistance with scholarship searches. There are plenty of free, trustworthy options online, like You can also ask your school counselor for help.  
  • DON’T waste time and energy. Make sure you meet any requirements before you apply. Also, many scholarship applications require essays on similar topics—it’s okay to reuse your work on multiple applications.  

Applying for scholarships and financial aid can help make your dreams a reality. Learn more and plan your future on the Washington Student Achievement Council website.