Internet Outage 

This is an update regarding the internet and telephone service in WSVSD. The District’s service provider for the K-20 Network is still experiencing problems as of 10:00am today. Users in all building locations are still unable to access the internet and telephones continue to be limited to one line per building. 

The WSVSD technology department is working to resolve the issue. School operations are not impacted by these problems. An update will be provided once services have been restored. For more information, please contact WSVSD Technology HelpDesk at helpdesk@whitesalmonschools.org or (509) 493-3368. 

Thank you for your patience.

District staff at each school can be reached at the following phone numbers and email addresses:

Whitson Elementary School: 509-493-1560

Sheila Spring: sheila.spring@whitesalmonschools.org
Adrianne Gonzalez: adriana.granados@whitesalmonschools.org

WPSIS/Henkle: 509-493-1502, 509-493-4028

Mindy Rude: mindy.rude@whitesalmonschools.org
Martha Battle: martha.battle@whitesalmonschools.org

Columbia High School: 509-493-1970

Crystal Rude: crystal.rude@whitesalmonschools.org         
Libby Childers: libby.childers@whitesalmonschools.org