High School

Dear parents, staff, and members of the community,

The White Salmon Valley School Board of Directors is in the process of hiring a permanent Superintendent.  We want to inform you of the work we have already completed, and the timeline and structure of the selection process going forward.

The School District opened the position April 14 and the School Board met on April 25 to review all applications received.  We selected four candidates who we evaluated to have the best potential to become a successful Superintendent for our District. (please see job announcement hiring criteria here ( WSVSD Superintendent Job Announcement)

Each candidate will meet with the Board and a diverse student, staff, and community interview committee in a closed executive session May 16 and 18 to determine our finalists. One finalist will return to White Salmon May 23 and the second finalist will return May 24 to tour our schools, engage in a Staff forum, and engage in Community forums.  Staff and Community input will be collected for review. The Candidates’ final interview will be held immediately after the forums in an open public meeting, and the Board will deliberate upon completion of the second interview. More details follow:

Superintendent Hiring Process

All interviews and Community and Staff input opportunities will be held at the Park Center Meeting Room, and virtually via Zoom.

Phase 1 Review of all applicants and invitation to top candidates


May 16 & 18

Phase 2 Finalist Selection Interview Committee - Closed Executive Session

The Interview Committee will be composed of the School Board and 14 members representing students, staff, administrators, and community.

Tues 5/16  5:00 - 7:15
Candidates 1 & 2 

Thurs 5/18     4:00 - 6:15
Candidates 3 & 4

6:30 - tbd
Board discussion with Interview Committee followed by Board finalists selection

Interview Committee

Two Student Board Representatives

Miriam Sanchez 
Jeremy Denny 
Janet McCutcheon

Jill Chance 
Jeff Augustus 
TJ Barnes

Jerry Lewis 
Craig McKee 
Kelly Hume
Brian Morris 
Brian Fraser 
Todd McCauley

May 23 & 24

Phase 3 Finalist Staff and Community Input, Final Interviews - Open Public Meeting

Staff and Community opportunities to speak with finalists and provide their feedback to the Board before their final decision. 

Tues 5/23  Finalist A

1:15-3:15 tour the district
3:30-4:30 Staff Q&A 
4:30-5:00 Break
5:00-5:45 Latino/a Q&A
6:00-6:45 Community Q&A
7:00-8:00 Board Interview

Wed 5/24 Finalist B

12:00-2:00 tour the district 
3:30-4:30 Staff Q&A
4:30-5:00 Break 
5:00-5:45 Latino/a Q&A
6:00-6:45 Community Q&A
7:00-8:00 Board Interview
8:00 - Board adjourns to closed executive session to deliberate

Phase 4 Announcement of Successful Candidate (Date to be determined)