WSVSD Families and Community,

I am grateful to the school board for letting me volunteer my time as the acting superintendent until the end of the school year to help during these difficult times. I have always viewed our district as a family of staff, no matter the position, working together for the success of our students. I know the past few months have been difficult and frustrating for our families and community.

I have meetings scheduled with the ESD in developing budget projections because we need to know exactly what we have to work with. During this process, I will be working with the school board, admin team, and unions to develop a plan as quickly as possible. The goal is to save as many jobs as possible in order to maintain a high quality of education for our students. I want the process and plan to be transparent and handled with sensitivity and compassion because the outcomes will affect the lives of our staff, students, and district community.

We have a great district, staff, and community that care deeply for the well-being and success of our students. Many positive things are happening each day for our students. It is heartbreaking to see the district going through this experience, but I know we will work together for the best possible outcome for all. We appreciate your support as we move through this challenging time.


Jerry Lewis
Acting Superintendent