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White Salmon Valley School District

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This page contains a number of frequently asked questions about our district. If you don't see a question that you want answered addressed here, please email our webmaster, and we'll do our best to answer your question for you. 

How do built-in snow days work?

Because our district has traditionally had to close for a few days each year due to inclement weather conditions, we began building snow days into our school calendar a few years ago. These "built-in snow days" allow us to plan with more accuracy for end-of-the-year activities such as high school graduation and the last day of school, allowing a little flexibility in the middle of the year without negatively impacting the end.
The 2017-2018 school calendar has three "snow days" scheduled into it (on March 5th, March 23rd and May 29th). If there are no school days missed due to snow or other reasons before those dates, there will be no school on those days. If school days are missed due to snow (or other unforeseen circumstances) before then, then those will become regular school days to make up for those missed. If more than three days are missed due to snow, days missed to could be added to the end of the school year in June to create 180 days of school, potentially having an impact on the ending day for school. Students and parents should be aware of possible changes in these school/no school days when planning trips or vacations. 

When and where are school board meetings held?

The White Salmon Valley School Board meets on the fourth Thursday of each month, unless that date falls on a holiday. (Thanksgiving falls on the 4th Thursday in 2017, so the board meeting will be on November 16th)

Each meeting is held at 7 pm, with the location rotating among the four school buildings in the district during the school year, and at the Transportation office during June, July, and August.

Meeting agendas are published in advance and are available at the district office or online. Draft minutes are available online soon after each meeting, but are not considered official until approved at the following meeting.

How can I contact teachers, administrators, or other staff?

We are currently working on a searchable database for email addresses and phone numbers of staff members. Until that's ready, however, the following information may help you.

If you know the name of the person you want to contact, you may be able to do so using their first name and last name with their email ending using the standard approach below: 
Email addresses for White Salmon Valley School District employees usually follow this format:

first name (dot) last name @

so John Smith would be:

If you are unsuccessful contacting the person you are looking for using this email format, please email the webmaster for additional help.

How do I apply for a job with White Salmon Schools?

See our employment page for information about current job openings and for information about application procedures. You'll find links to current certified (teaching) positions, as well as classified (non-teaching) openings. 

How can I find out about late starts or school closures due to snow or other weather?

Many local news media are notified as soon as the decision to delay or close schools due to weather or other events is made. See our page on Snow and Other Closures for a list of media sources and information on how the decision is made. You can also now sign up for email or text message alerts when unexpected closures occur.