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White Salmon Valley School District

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Employees of The Month

Whitson Elementary
Whitson Elementary School’s Employee of the Month for November is Renae Cannon.
Renae is an outstanding LAP Para-educator who started with us last year as a
Washington Reading Corp Member. She works incredibly hard with small groups of
students as they build their foundational reading skills. Her joy for working with
students helps to create a caring learning environment for everyone. She makes
a real difference, and we are very lucky to have her.
Wallace and Priscilla Stevenson Intermediate
Jim Anderson is the Employee of the Month at WPSIS. While Jim spends much of his
time helping kids who are difficult to work with or refuse our efforts, he keeps
a positive outlook and stays hopeful.  Jim believes in the potential of each
of our students and has worked to create meaningful relationships with them to
support their experience at school.  I am also impressed that Jim is always willing
to try new things and seeking new ways to support our kids; after attending a
training for de-escalation on Friday, spoke to me on Monday and about using
his new learning already.Thanks Jim for your support of our kids!
Henkle Middle School
Henkle would like to honor Dan Smith as Employee of the Month.  As a specialist at
both the intermediate and middle school, in addition to acting as the head high
school football coach (of the year!), Dan has capitalized on the opportunity to
build longstanding, positive relationships with students and parents as they move up
each grade level. Over the past three years, he has worked closely with Lori Owen
to refine and incorporate best practices for fitness training in PE at the middle school
level. Students are self-assessing, setting goals, and working towards a lifelong
commitment to fitness.  This year, Dan has also joined our Leadership Team and
plays an important role in sharing a specialists perspective, as well as insight into
4-8 curriculum alignment. We are fortunate to have him on our staff!
Columbia High School
Emily Gehrig is the CHS Employee of the Month for November. Her empathetic caring
attitude with an energetic passion for everything FFA makes her a kid magnet. She
inspires her students to want to know more about plants, animals and taking care
of the land. After school hours she takes her students on field trips and competitions.
Every summer Emily helps students to compete with their animals at the Klickitat
County Fair. She takes her students to logging competitions, they visit colleges
and the FFA officers have a camp out. Last year Emily was named Regional FFA
Advisor of the Year and her CHS chapter was named Regional FFA Chapter
of the Year. Emily is always willing to help others. She will take tickets during
sporting events, help other teachers with their National Board Certification, and
makes sure classes run smoothly when other teachers are out of the building.
She also just became a National Board Certified Teacher while she was organizing
the construction of a livestock pavilion. Emily’s passion for our staff and students
and the way she cares for all those around her have made her a successful teacher
and a much loved member of our staff.
Transportation Department
The Transportation Department would like to nominate Gretchen Shuman as
employee of the month. Gretchen is a very hardworking and dedicated
employee. She cares deeply for the children she transports and does all she
can to keep them safe. Being proactive is one of Gretchen’s strengths. If she
sees something, whether bus or student related, that looks like it has the
potential to become a safety issue, she finds a way to take care of it before
it becomes a problem. Gretchen is a very busy mother, but even with all of
her family obligations, she took the time to decorate the transportation department
for the season. Thank you Gretchen! For all you do! You are greatly appreciated!